articles tagged rental-property-deductions

articles tagged rental-property-deductions

PAYG variation

We submit an application to the tax office with all of the details of your income and deductible expenses. Providing the application is approved, the tax office will then notify your employer of the variation, and ask them to withhold a more appropriate amount of tax from your salary every week or fortnight.

borrowing costs

council rates

Tax deduction for council rates on rental property.

depreciation capital

Depreciation on capital items is treated differently to construction costs and is an important rental property deduction.

depreciation construction

Depreciation on construction costs is treated differently to either items, it also has important ramifications for future capital gains tax.

home first used to produce income rule

A simple explanation of the often overlooked 'home first used to produce income rule'.

home office expenses

You are entitled to claim a portion of your home office expenses against your rental property income. This article explains how to calculate those deductions.

land tax

Land tax is a state tax, and is thus calculated and applied differently in different states.

medicare levy exemption certification

Whilst it can be a fairly simple process to acquire a medicare levy exemption certification, it does take some doing, and can take some time. If you are eligible, then it is absolutely worthwhile.

national rent affordability scheme

Whilst the National Rent Affordability Scheme was introduced some time ago, it has only recently become accessible to private investors.

property management

Property managers and property management agencies charge all sorts of fees and itemise them on your annual rental statement. This article details how to deal with each of those items.

rental related travel expenses

It should come as no surprise that rental related travel expenses are tax deductible. Most of you will already realise that the costs associated with any one trip, need to be apportioned between rental related and private purposes. However its worth knowing how the deductibility of such a trip would be calculated, and how you can maximise your deductions.

repairs and maintenance

Repairs and Maintenance can be fully depreciated in the year in which the expense is incurred. This article explains what sorts of items can be claimed as Repairs and Maintenance.

repairs vs improvements

Understanding the difference between repairs and improvements is a common point of contention. This article gives a short explanation of what sorts of expenses belong in which category, and a brief explanation of their treatment for tax purposes.

water rates

Tax deduction for water rates on rental property.