we are online everywhere you are

Wheatcroft Accounting is online everywhere you are! Whether you prefer email, facebook, google drive, dropbox, skype, or hangouts, you'll find us right there with you.

Today's world requires that information, products and services are easily obtainable. The most beautiful part is that every single one of us has the option of choosing our most preferable medium of communication. We can use a PC, a Mac, a smart phone or a tablet.

Here at Wheatcroft Accounting, we are very much aware of this new world order. Thus, we prioritise communication with each and every one of our clients. We are online wherever you are!

We have successfully adopted new technologies to get us fully connected. We communicate with our clients more effectively, thereby meeting their needs more efficiently. More traditional accounting firms rely on phone, fax and email. You can call, fax or email us any time, of course, but Wheatcroft Accounting has moved way beyond this traditional model.

Our online presence continues to grow every day. Our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts have gotten a large following. Do follow us as it is a great way to get updated on the exciting things happening here at Wheatcroft Accounting.

If you are looking to have a chat or video conference, we are also available via Skype, Google Talk and Google Hangouts. More than that, however, we can easily set up screen sharing so that we can effectively interface and trouble shoot whenever you want.

Our clients love using Dropbox and Google Drive, too. They are easy to use and very convenient to access. We can set up a private portal in our servers as well, if you need it for your sensitive files.

Then, there is Xero and MYOB Live. New accounting packages make it easier than ever for us to help our clients. Rather than pushing you into a single accounting package, we work with whatever software you feel more comfortable with. Xero is a fantastic new product. You can log in anytime and anywhere to see your data. MYOB Account Right Live is excellent as well, and a huge step forward from the 2011 suite. It helps us break down geographical barriers between us and our clients.

Do tell us your preferences and we will be glad to make arrangements. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!